Life at the Nathaniel Morris Inn.......reflections of an Innkeeper's journey; past and present. Living in a lovely small town on the New Jersey coast......what it's like to live here, how I got here and what I'm doing with this interesting and challenging profession/lifestyle. And always lurking in the background are my flea market and thrifting adventures.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Should I Read?

I love to read, and most times I settle into bed with a good book. The inn has been so busy this summer that I settle into bed, pick up a book, and read one page and then.....zzzzzzzz
It's so frustrating. I have piles of "to reads" everywhere, but the little pile in the kitchen is the one that is calling to me.

So, which one do YOU think?
Nora Ephron....."I Feel Bad About My Neck" what I'm feeling lately
Mary Kay Andrews......Summer Rental.....nice light reading
and of course....the famous....infamous.....E.L. James......Fifty Shades of Grey

Sunday, July 15, 2012


We have a couple of guest rooms on the third floor. One of our returning guests always referred to one of the rooms as the "tree house" because it literally is up on the trees. The house is tall so it is really high up. There's a Japanese Maple right outside the little windows, and it's always called to me. A candelabra would be really cute, but for obvious reasons I don't want anyone burning candles up there. Especially in a tree with this drought.
So yesterday it finally hit me

It looks so cute, and I also added some wind chimes.
Summer is flying by and we've been really busy. I'm so happy to be trying some new recipes. This morning I made the blueberry bread recipe from Folk Magazine. It is delicious and so easy! Wonderful with a nice cup of coffee.

Working on a new website for inn also. Can't wait till it's up and running. I'm going to have a "things for sale" page, too. Very excited.
How's your summer going?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Got a Little Carried Away

I had a guest call me a few days before he was to arrive. He asked if I would put a bouquet of daisies in his room so that they would be there when he and his girlfried arrived.
So yesterday after I finished up with breakfast, I went to a local florist and gift store called Muellers. Here's what I got:

a cute handpainted barrel for my Nantucket Suite....they have a little greenhouse with old stuff. I always find something in there
Mary Englebright pillow

summer reading for my guests
A Midsummer Night's Dream miniature book

Teacup Wind Chimes
And, of course.........

A beautiful bouquet of daisies.....